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wealth pot

"For Me To Safe Keep & Store My Prized Possessions."

2017 9 Flying Star Auspicious Wealth Sector

Or You can visit a geomancy master and understand your own wealth sector, or your house auspicious wealth sector.*

  • North: Wealth & Good Luck 

  • East: Windfall Luck & Unexpected Good Fortune

  • Center: Career & Income Luck

"I like the copper wealth pot because, it 'ages' with time,

I like my wealth pot

as rusty as it slowly grows.


I mixed 8 1sg coin,

8 blessed copper coins with 8 gold plated coins inside my wealth pot.


I filled up the rest with citrine crystals.


Every year,

I followed the 9 flying star wealth sector,

changing 'fengshui' place,

knowing it can help me with attracting some windfall luck."

You can also filled with peridot crystals; symbolise Health & Confidence, Citrine or Yellow Jade blessed Crystal ball, for 'Money Keeps rolling in.'

Goldfish Blessed 


Wealth Pot

"Goldfish has long associated

with Wealth & Fortune.

When I saw this,

I immediately

fall in love with them.

I had one smaller one,

placed near

my cashier box and the other

inside my office.

I pictured my clients, like happy fishes 'swimming' into my store.

I filled it up with 

rainbow crystals, and 

one big ingot."

I laughed all the way to the bank every time.

Smiling BuddhaWealth Pot

Law of attractions. 

"Happy Go Lucky,

Every day Smiling, sure Lucky."

"I invested in one Smiling buddha wealth pot, with Lotus flowers and Ba gua. 

I like the meaning behind my wealth pot.

Humbly, and Happy, I earned within my means, despite the Challenges

and make sure, I give back to the society, helping people from all walks of Life."

3 legged toad


Gold Plated

Wealth Pot

"I need 'gold' in my life, so this beautiful gold plated wealth pot, suits me the best.

It's well hidden inside

my office drawer, like my little 'safe box'. Sometimes,

I touch my little toad,

 praying that I can close 

my sales smoothly that day.

I lit an incense small cone, to energise them every 1-2 months. "

4 3Legged Toads

Blessed Obsidian

Wealth Pot

"Huat With All Directions, North South, East and West!

Just like 'Suntec' Wealth Fountain,

this Obsidian Crystal Wealth Pot works just right for me.

Help me cast away negative energy, & empower me with confidence, to run my company.

I usually 'charge' my name card on top of them first, then give out, from my name card holder."

Double Blessing

Dragon Blessed


Wealth Pot

"I like Dragon & 

I like how they meant Power. 

Inside, I had amulets,

I asked from the temple for blessing,

my beaded bracelets and filled up 

with crystals.

Even though advised, 

I didn't want to put

inside my safe box, because I want

to be able to look

at them frequently.

So, I placed on my

office table."

Pi Siew Steps To Success Obsidian

"This is meant to a penholder. 

But, its too pretty for  my old school pens.

Since, I am looking for a wealth pot , I find this perfectly right for my coins."

Golden Rooster 


Wealth Pot

"Designed by Master Lim,

and suitable for any Zodiac,

I got this, for my newly start up mobile store.

I felt amused every time I saw the golden eggs. I really like it."

Auspicious Timing & Sector Will Be Advised If You Gift Yourself A Wealth Pot From Our Store. Wishing You Success & Accomplishment.

Lotus Obsidian Wealth Pot Designed By Master Lim.

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