TEA divination?

  1. Before you begin, breathe in and out, to remove perceptions and preconceive thoughts. 

  2. Make or Order your choice of brew. 

  3. Bring your cup of tea/tea pot to the table (by the window with some sun light, if you are in a cafe.) 

  4. Let your tea sit in for awhile. 

  5. Pour the contents into your cup, remember to have a pinch of tea leaves into your cup.

  6. When you are ready, hold your cup to your lips. 

  7. Before you sip, you can; Whisper or quietly ask your questions inside; "read my mind, gather my thoughts, open my heart and feel me deep inside, as I finish my tea, as you insight. bless me & protect me right" 

  8. Drink till almost finish. 

  9. Turn your cup 3 times anti clockwise. (connecting with your subconscious mind)

  10. Knock the contents out on your saucer.

  11. What did you see from my cup?

(Will my relationship be smooth sailing? Is that two hearts slowly coming together? What you do think?)


12. What did you see from your cup? 

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