You are out exploring the woods, and you chance upon a faerie,


for her tea party, she asked you to join her friends  and offer to make you a special brew

before they arrive; 

What tea would you like to sip?

- Lavendar

-Kun Lun Chrysanthemum

-DanChong White

- Pummelo Flowers

-Pu Er

-Cinnamonmum Casasia


- Rose Petals


Lavendar Tea:

Keeping My Options Open

You are a sporty person, game for any challenges or new experiences. 

You usually like your afternoon well spent;  doing yoga, mediation or picnic with a book. 

You have high expectations of yourself, and you like to motivate yourself to be a better version of you.

Kunlun Chrysanthemum:

Great Taste Good Choice

Once you fall in love, you fall hard. You enjoyed life to the fullest and you have high expectation of what you set out to achieve.

You constantly improve your lifestyle and dare to fail with confidence, that you need to understand the process to progress. 

Not any usually kid by the block, you take time to learn and grow through life. Someday, you definitely will become somebody. 

Dan Chong White Tea:

Silly But Serious

You are a child, living life to your  simplicity.

Usually, a happy go lucky, easy going person.

You are big hearted and don't mind trying something different or new each time. 

You teach yourself well, and you hardly care about how attitude 'soil' some people are. 

You understand humans with your compassionate heart, thus, you gave them the benefit of doubts towards their behaviour.

Pummelo Flowers:

Dreamy Streetwise Achiever

You have a genuine heart but complex mind.

You like to keep things simple but yet you like to have fun. 

You are wise and cheeky.

Playful and Kind.  

You are independent but not casually reliable. You seize people before you help people.

Smart enough, you will get yourself out of a tricky situation, the way you hated to be taken for a ride. 

Pu Er Tea:

Watch you like a hawk


Deep thinker and unpredictable

You enjoy deep conversation and appreciate meeting like minded people

You work life like how you play your game of chess.

Not easy to get into your inner circle but your defence (door)is not often lock.


Cinnamonmum Cassia Tea:

If you need me

You are not what you seems.

You are hard on the outside, soft soft inside. 

You like to make friends but you worried about trusting them. 

You loses confidence in yourself easily, but, you recover fast enough, not to lose your stand. 

Be Positive! 

It's okay, if nobody appreciate your bottle of red wine, how about, try whisky by the glass, the next round? 


Osmanthus Tea:

Sweet & Kind You Are Nice

Happiness & Blissfulness is within your reach. 

You gift and you receive. 

People like being around you.

You attract people with your charm. 

You spoke from your heart. 

You lead with good intention.

You can take the humble pie anytime. 

You like to travel & you make friends sincerely. 

Rose Petals Tea:

I will always be here 

You pace yourself well in life. 

You travel and you can work at the same time. 

You balance your life wise. 

You make choices as off how you wish for the better outcome. 

You make friends for a lifetime. 

You cut ties as clean without thinking twice. 

You chase after butterflies just to gift them your beautiful flowers. 

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