Yonohana Shower Head


High concentrations of anions and trace elements to promote cell generation, activation of body function and defer aging. 


Calcium sulfie material:

Filter material is made of calcium sulfite that can remove the acidified protein of hair or skin and leave them feeling refreshed. 


Water being filtered and purified at home. 

Cleanse the body with good clean water. 


Water saving switch. 

Save water as well as protecting water resources. 


Using calcium sulfite particles as filter material that can remove acidified protein of hair or skin while maintain the most primitive form of protection capability of the skin and hair. 


Intended user:

Poor water quality due to environmental problem or those who have allegy skin and hair susceptible to damage. 




S$298.00 Regular Price
S$253.30Sale Price
  • Check and Change your Filter after 6-9months, if daily usage is high.

    (E.g; a family of 5 sharing.)

    Else, can use up to a year.

    Chinese New Year Special, 

    Another Complimentary Hokutolite Pilter Mineral Calcium Sulfite.