Pietersite Crystals (Red) with Labradorite 

rid the sting after being betrayed.

instill confidence and clear anxiety issues.

moonshine and chant to remove 

revengeful thoughts. 


Labradorite Pi Siew

Protects you faithfully,

asks you to grace yourself some fun and allow creativity to flow.



8mm-9mm, 21-24 Pietersite Crystal Beads with 1,

1cm Labradorite Pi Siew, and 2 Silver Beads. 

Pietersite Crystals (Red) with Labradorite

  • Rinse with some jasmine flowers.

    Use one incense stick to go around your bracelet.

    Ask your guardian Pi Siew to protect you kindly. 

    Before you wear, you can allow one sitting of incense sticks around your bracelet.