Moonstone Crystal

Provide Emotional Healing and Support. 

Instill Postive Thoughts and Encourage Self Love. 


Chrysocolla Crystal

Heals a broken heart and improve low Self Esteem. 

Brings Clarity and Motivation.


Crystal Faerie:

Chrysocolla with Quartz Crystal

Keeps you in progression and dispels negative self doubts. 


Standard Size: 

7mm, 20-24 Crystals Excludes 3,

7mm Chrysocolla Crystals and Silver Spacing.

Moonstone with Chrysocolla


Faeries are generally light hearted and contented. Knows how to have Fun and Serious upon tasks. So, be like a Faerie! Express yourself happily! Don't take anything or anyone too Seriously. Enjoy every moment and your time here this life!* 

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