Howlite Crystal

Relieves Stress and Anxiety.

Protects your Aura. 

Keeping your Emotions in Check. 

Brings Comfort and Joy. 


Black Agate Crystal

Shield And Dispels Negative Leeching Energy. 


Crystal Faerie:

Howlite with Black Agate & Smoky Quartz Crystal

Asks you to relax and don't take anyone seriously. 


Standard Size: 

8mm, 20-24 Crystals Excludes 1,

10mm Black Agate Crystal and Silver Spacing.


Howlite with Black Agate

  • Faeries are generally light hearted and contented. Knows how to have Fun and Serious upon tasks. So, be like a Faerie! Express yourself happily! Don't take anything or anyone too Seriously. Enjoy every moment and your time here this life!* 

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