Crystal Faeries: (Handmade)

Amethyst Fae with Quartz Crystal Wings:

Provide you insights and remove selfish thoughts. 


Rose Quartz Fae with Amethyst Rose: 

Brings love & harmony within your life. 


Green Aventurine Fae with Yellow Jade Rose: 

Heals and inspire you to be positive everyday. 


Black Agate Fae and Rose Quartz Rose: 

Protects your heart and remind you to be cautious when it comes to love. 


Yellow Jade Fae with Green Aventurine Rose: 

Want you to be happy and light with good vibes everyday. 


Red Agate Fae with Red Agate Heart: 

Encourage you to trust and be passionate with your craft. 



Crystal Faeries.

  • Faeries are generally light hearted and contented. Knows how to have Fun and Serious upon tasks. So, be like a Faerie! Express yourself happily! Don't take anything or anyone too Seriously. Enjoy every moment and your time here this life!* 

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