Good Fortune Qi Lin with wealth pot. $98.00

made with Beautiful Obsidian Crystal, blessed by master lim. 

Suitable for office or home. You can also place at your wealth sector to safe keep your luck and increase good energy.

Qi Lin brings stability and financial Luck. 
It generates good business opportunities and sales revenue. 

*Auspicious timing and dates will be given to place your good fortune blessed Qi Lin.


Blessed Obsidian Wealth Pot $88.00

Attract Good Fortune and Good Luck. 


You can place at the Sector: 3 (San Pi Mu) or 8 (Wealth Luck)


*Chloride Crystal Point not included.*

Blessed Qi Lin with Wealth Pot

  • Lit an incense around your Qi Lin before placing at your auspicous sector. 

    Open the red cloth and connect with your Qi Lin. 

    Keep your area clean and neat.

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