Blessed Black Obsidian Pi Siew 


3cm Pi Siew + 18-20 Crystal Beads. 


Powerful Protector.

Get rid of negativity, cast a protection shield over you.

Keeps you grounded to your roots. 

Pi Siew brings prospersity and protects the wearer faithfully.


*All Blessed Products are cleansed for 48-72hours with incense coil,

Chant with Prayers by Master Lim and Recharge using Premium incense. 

Blessed Black Obsidian Pi Siew 10m

  • Use incense sticks to cleanse and go around your Pi Siew.

    Let your Pi Siew finish one sitting of incense stick.

    Moonshine as you like to give your Pi Siew Glowing Vibes. 

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