Alligator Quartz

"Hold on to me, and be assured, the past you is long gone."


Help you to cope with low self esteem and low morale issues. 

Clear out negative thoughts especially self-inflicting pain. 

Pulls you out from depressing thoughts and dispels darkness. 


When in 'despair': 

Force yourself to remove blames and guilt.

Encourage yourself more and take yourself out on a travel trip. 

Self-discovery experience works really well, especially you can find strength with your new independence.

Alligator Quartz

  • Rinse under running water with your fingers touching your alligator quartz. 

    Cleanse the energy with some Lavender incense. 

    Hold on to your palm and recite your chant. 

    Place at your heart to remove sadness and emotional issues. 

    Visualise a golden light protecting your heart. 

    Place under the moonlight to recharge and energise. 


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