2019 Exclusive Bracelet: Sacred Garden Blissfulness

We hope you will love the growing energy within each crystal beads. They all have high vibration which you can program good thoughts and intentions. We like that they will be able to get rid of negativity and combined with hokutolite crystal, will be able to create possibilities and rainbow blissfulness for you.



Meteorite crystals belong closely within the universe, great for transformation and breaking off bad habits. The powerful energy will in turns shield you from psychic attack, helps you to find harmony within yourself. 


Please visit our retail stores for more design of our bracelets. 


Standard Size: 10mm

18-21 Crystal Beads inclusive of 3 Hokutolite Crystal Beads + 1 copper rose meteorite.

Extra beads will be chargeable.  Please select separately from the product list.

Please measure your wrist, so we can send them with accuracy. 

Bracelets send to you will be this same from the picture.

We uploaded as it is. 

2019 Zodiac Bracelet (10mm(01)


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