Rutilated Quartz

Powerful Vibration. 

Brings Prosperity And Send Out Intense Good Energy. 

Helps With Creativity And Encourage You To Challenge Yourself. 


Garnet Crystals:

Enhance Your Creativity.

Encourage Love & Passion. 

Get Rid Off Depressing Thoughts. 


White Phantom Crystal:

Transformation and Growth. 


Standard Size: 

108, 6mm Rutilated Quartz Crystal Beads with 4, 4mm Garnet Crystal Beads and 1,8mm White Phantom Crystal and Silver Spacing. 

108 Rutilated Quartz with Garnet


Rinse with Jasmine Flowers and Moon shine as you like. 

Charge on Amethyst/Quartz Crystal Clusters. 

Allow one sitting of incense when you feel right. 

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