I Sing again tonight,

Wondering if I will find you before daylight.

You showed me an insight,

A tomorrow vision,

Away from my plight.

I never thought I would Still shine bright,

For the pride I kept quiet inside.

People are unpredictable.

People can be sly and wry.

I wandered seeking for trusted sight.

As I rub sacredly within your bright,

I felt a calming whisper

of your assuring light.


my dear moonstone,

I love how you change the way I felt insecure inside.

See you again, before the Sun rises till its height.


Birthstone for the Month of June

Zodiac: Cancer, Libra and Scorpio.

Keep Your Emotions In Check.

Protection & Great for Travelling.

Connect With Your Dreams.

Program Good Thoughts,

Your Moonstone 'Stores' Your Energy And Bring Your Dreams To Reality Bright.

* You will feel a comfortable cold light vibrating energy around your wrist. Moonshine every Full moon night, also good to wear during mediation.


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