For Protection Against Negative And Psychic Attack. 

To Ward off Evil Spirits.

To Bring Unexpected Good Fortune & Enhance

Wealth Sector.


"I like the golden shimmering sandstone crystals glow. I put it on my working desk, hoping to help me with creativity. Also, to protect me from any stressfulness."

- Patricia, 28

Green Adventurine

"I gave one to my mom, hanging on her little pouch, to keep her healthy & emotional stable. She likes to  attend community centre activities. I wish to keep her safe." 


- Teo, 43

Orange Agate

"The first time, I saw this pisiew, I immediately felt a connection. I like to play sports a lot, especially tennis.

Hopefully, it can shields me from being hit by the tennis ball. Orange means happiness, which I yearned to be happy always."


- ken, 33 



"I bought my gf a 'rose quartz' one, to help her get more sociable with her colleagues, and myself, I believe, the black tourmaline can help me 'get rid' of those people with agenda, coming close to me."


- Desmond, 29



"When I travel, I will bring along my rose quartz pisiew; believe it or not, it always bring me good luck, and meet nice people during my trip.  The pink colour makes me happy every time I look at it."

- Kris, 35


"I like to go on cruises, and play by their little casino room, so jade pisiew is my lucky lucky charm. Huat Ah!" 

- Aunty Soh, 57


"I put one at the night table in my parents room, to ease their sleep and hopefully no night mare for them, Also, to protect them against negativity & keep them in good health. I have a big 'black agate' one, facing out of my balcony, because there is a big tree there."

-Alex, 30

Black Agate

"My office is build inside a warehouse; printing company. So, as advised, I placed a pair of black agate pisiew to help me ward of attacking energy & dispel negativity, and to bring me harmony within my workplace."

- Ho, 40


"I like how they have gold wings. So, I bought the obsidian pisiew and placed them behind me, as my trusted guardian, helping me to make good decisions in all my deal making."

- Seah, 46

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