"I Rolled Pineapple Into My New Home and Office For Prosperity

& Good Beginnings."

"I placed 3 incense sticks into confectionery chinese "Fagao" to symbolise "huat ah",

constant growth & Prosperity,

and to pay respect to the earth gods." 


"I like Sg 1 Dollar 'Bagua' shape,

So I always make sure I have one with me. My Ang Moh Friends are all amused, that this 'bagua' is found in everyone's pocket all around Singapore." 

"I use two SG1 Dollar Coins

like Moonblocks,

when I went to the cemetery to pray to my ancestor®s, asking if they are present or will they give me 4D numbers."


"I never dare to point at the full moon,

usually I use my thumb, and close the rest of my fingers in, if I want to show someone the beautiful full moon. I don't want to have a slit or cut behind my ears, by being disrespectful." 

upside dwn shoes

"I place all my shoes indoor,

one face up and the other down all the times. Especially, when I travel abroad.

If I have to keep them both upright,

I usually place a dollar coin inside.

I wouldn't want to have spirits lingering or 'possess' onto me."



"I will never make any purchase for a new car during the lunar 7th month.

I had a lot of problems with my car then. Got scratched a few times, and knocked onto the pavement while reversing. 

And, that agent gave me '9413',

such inauspicious numbers.

My car plate must come up to 8 after adding 4 numbers. I was very angry and I bid for an auspicious car plate right after, and now waiting to change my car." 



"To win money from the Casino,

I always make sure I wear red undergarment.

Sometime it works,

Sometime it doesn't.

Not sure,

if I must wear it

overnight then works."


7, 8

"My mobile number when adds up,

must equal to my numerology number 7.

My property agent likes 8,

to ensure the calls keep coming;

his business keeps growing."



"I carry an amulet pouch, 

everytime I go for

hospital check-up.

If I need to attend funerals, I 

rinsed clean myself with pomegranate leaves, before I enter my house, & shower with jasmine flowers after."

Blue Evil Eye

"I hang it by the window to protect my baby daughter. 

Its like having guardian watching over her, & may she sleeps well every night, and be blessed with good luck."



"I never let my children walk under HDB hanging laundry. It's a tradition passed down from my grandmother. Yes, sometimes, I still get annoyed for having to go one big round."  


"I do not use coffeeshop toilet or public toilet cubicle, especially at night. My friend shared an experience of seeing 'something' during the 7th month, after which, instilled fear inside me, so it has became my habit since."

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