& Airing

Bad Lightings & Feng Shui go hand-in-hand!


Stagnant air contributes to bad Feng Shui too!


For those who are intending to invest in properties and leave it empty for long period;

It is advisable to let the property receive good lighting throughout to avoid accumulation of Yin energy and visit the place once in awhile.

Open up the windows and doors to ventilate in order to improve the energy.


For those who are taking over a property that has been vacant for a long time.

It is advisable to cleanse the place with incense, amulets, salt and rice. 

Your interior designer or

any lighting company should be able to 'please' your eyes, with wide range of lamps and lights. 

*Take note of their shapes. Ensure they do not 'look funny' like 'urn' etc. 

Before you move in, 

start renovating or

after you settled in; 

You can hang some

lucky charms;

like garlic or abacus or

chilli or infinity knots;

 for blessing your

space and bringing 

good luck! 

Leave Incense standing 

to Clear away any 

Negative energy, 

Send a kind intention to any 

'wandering spirits'

that you are 'moving in'. 


You can grow some plants

to liven your space



You can have some children running around your space before/after you moved in.


You can invite your

own goddess/buddhas to sit in and protect you, at the auspicious timing.


You should sit at the sector benefits to you and 'project' a good sitting 'formation' for

your team.

Keep Calm 


Don't Flare

*For this first month;

go to your new office/store/

stall with good thoughts, light heartedness, and speak with kindness.


Yes, you should wear bright & 

auspicious colours too.

Don't leave your vault empty.

Place a red packet inside with a dollar or copper coin first.

If you have a cash register, 

put in some money.

Eg. 88, 188, 198...

*If you went to the temple & gotten your 

angbao form the 'guan yin 's vault'

you should put it inside.

Remember to 'exchange'

or 'return' after a year. 

Good Blessing!









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