Note for those who are measuring your front door direction, it is important to take accurate compass reading, be it from Luo Pan or Smart Phone Compass Application. 

Stand at the entrance, the Luo Pan / Smart Phone must be parallel with the ground. Calibrate the compass for maximum accuracy. Observe if there are any metallic objects and stand further away or take reading further away from the entrance.

Altar Measurement

and Altar Position and Sectomust be at the auspicious height, length and width.


Your Deity Height & Width Must Be Of Auspicious Measurement too. 

You can use a feng shui

measuring tape 

for accuracy.


for Paying Respect & Giving Thanks  to the Deities 

Remember the dates to

pray and follow the traditions

& offerings.

Understand your house sector and allow good energy to 'flow' within your house. 

Placed Blessed Auspicious Products

if you understand how to 'use' them to 'attract', 'avoid' conflicts' and 'distract' negative energy at your sector. 


They should be cleansed and blessed with intention, to bring good luck & great blessings for the family. 

It is necessary to dispel negative "qi" coming from the external factor.



Be confident & driven upon placing of your auspicious products.

Keep your area clean and neat. 

Project good energy 

every time you see them.

Lit an incense every

full moon and new moon. 


Family Area,

if happens to be at the

'conflicting sector',

place 'Authoritative'

(Powerful/Awe) blessed

figurines to 'make peace' ,

surpress conflicts,

and reduce unnecessary quarrels. 

Activate your Wealth Sector At Auspicious Timing & Lit An Incense To Cleanse The Area Before You Sit Your Amethyst Cave. Continue and Let One Incense Stick Stands.

Sometimes if you are lucky, you might attract charming friend(s), bringing blessings within your path. --->

Crystals from the ground are classified under the "Yin" element under the Yin-Yang Concept. For crystal cave in our store, we'll charge and cleanse them with our electromagnetic frequency machine to ensure that the properties are positive, peaceful and balanced.

Amethyst Cave

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