- Sharing Insights; Gaining Wisdom - 

Is all about understanding your environment, be it your house or office. It's all about transforming, leveraging, and directing energies, to one's favour.

Putting the right blessed guardian, at the right sector, with the given auspicious timing;  you might find, you have the ability to 'alter' your life, changing how your destiny and fate weaver together.

Importantly, take note of how you feel everyday. Attempt to achieve balance between work and play, of cos, breathing in new knowledge and 'reset' your mind regularly... 

Koi Fish Pond

I believe 'water' as 'wealth'.

Just outside my house,

I have 9 koi fishes. I believe they will bring me abundance of blessing, and all my family members live together in harmony.

I gave my birth details, and house floor plan to the geomancy master before deciding confidently to build a pond there.


Regularly I need to do cleaning,

so there won't be mosquitoes breeding.

And, I don't allow the children to throw in coins. During Chinese New Year, I will 'build' new things inside my pond, like lily etc.   

- Uncle Raymond, owns a Bakery

Take Note

  1. The direction of your house and sectors/gua qi directions.

  2. House master life chart and/or family members staying in the house. 

  3. Take note of the auspicious timing/date, sometimes, praying procedure given to activate your wealth sector. 

  4. The number of fishes. 

I placed a smiling buddha from my house door, facing 45 degree, near my coffee table. When friends or families come my house, I wish, they will always be happy and light. Everytime, I came home looking at him, I felt myself smiling with him, and encourage myself, tomorrow will be a better day. 

- Uncle Richard, Taxi Driver

Smiling Buddha

3D Blessed

San Hai Zhen

Looking down my house, is traffic lights T junction, so cars seems like 'cutting into' my house, and bringing 'negative braking' energy, that can affects health of my family members.

Also, the shopping mall across seems to 'corner' into my house. 

"Conflicting energy" and "Surpassing" force can affect my 'promotions' and 'business' etc.

So, I placed a 3D San Hai Zhen; to 移山倒海,divert negative energy away. I also placed two lions towards them. 


- Loh, Logistic Company

3D Blessed

San Hai Zhen 

Our house faces the MRT track,  so we placed 3D San Hai Zhen to divert the energy away from our house.

Also, we previously thought that 'wind chime' might helps us, but instead, it will 'create' mental disturbance, so we removed it, and placed two plants outside our gate instead, to 'promote' 'life', especially when we enter/exit our house.

Our plants also have 'red packet' to prevent 'evil' spirits from lurking around, and keep us safe. 

- mdm Yeo,  fruits stall holder. 

wealth sector

Wealth Sector is at my Toilet this year, South West. So, I grew little indoor plants at the ledge of my toilet. I also place crystal tumbles around my basin. And, importantly, to keep clean, dry and tidy at all times this year 2017.

- Connie, Marketing Execuetive

3 legged toad

I am an avid believer

of the 3 legged toad. 

I have one copper 3 legged toad,

facing into my house beside

my amethyst cave, 

the corner of my living room. 

I also placed one 

obsidian 3 legged toad

at my office desk, so happen,

I sit at the Wealth sector, East 

for career advancement

and benefactors luck. 

- Min, beauty salon

Stone Lion 

I placed two stone lions outside

my house, since its facing the back of  

army camp. 

Fierce enough to safeguard my house,

from being break-in, and robbery. 


- Mr Hoh, construction company.

Take Note:

Master Lim also suggested,

Blessed Stone Lion Auspicious Sector: 

Sitting/facing Northwest.

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