What's On Your 




  1. Ancestors Plate

  2. Flowers

  3. Fruits

  4. Incense 

  5. Candles

  6. Water

  7. Sacred Relics

  8. Singing Bowls

  9. Buddha Books/Sanskrit 

  10. Bells

  11. Amulets

  12. Tea Cups 

  13. Prayer Beads 

  14. Flags 

  15. Altar Cloths 

  16. Divinations Tools

  17. Jiaobei blocks /moon blocks 

  18. Pendulum

Auspicious Altar Cloth
Tea Leaves
walnut praying beads
Floral Incense
Singing Bowl
Incense Holder.
Incense Burner
Water/Incense Burner
Medicine Buddha
Mediation Buddha
Guan Shi Yin
Goddess Of Mercy
Incense Monk Holder
Buddha Sutra
Divination Lot
Book Of Shadows.

Before you begin,

cleanse your moon blocks by going around your incense joysticks 3 times. 


Put your palms together.

Place the moon blocks upon your palm. 

Give your name and birth details. 

Ask from your heart sincerely, your doubts or question. 

Knock the moon blocks gently on your forehead. 

Then, Cast the moon blocks gently on the ground. 

If your moon blocks, one faces up and the other down; the ans is 'yes'.

If  your moon blocks ,both face "down",

the answer  is "no". 

If your moon blocks, both faces "up",

the answer is unknown (the time is not ripe). 

Be Patient.

Rem, to give thanks before you stood up.

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