Some Candle Colour meaning:

Red: Bringing Back Your Passion & Encourage Personal Growth.

White:  Heal Old Wounds Or Clear Away Confusion.


Green: Increasing Confidence & Answers To Doubts.


Blue: Removing Anxiety & Sadness. 


Black:  Releasing Fears & Dark Thoughts. 


Yellow: Enlightenment & Invite Joy. 


Purple: Achieving Balance & Calm your mind. 

Pink: Strengthen Love &


Ask for the candle scent meaning, when you are making any purchase. 

burning bright heal me light



Try Mediation with different candles.

releasing any  fears/doubts from your clouded mind.

Try Using Himalayan Salt Lamp

Try Placing Amethyst Cave Beside You

Try Writing/Chanting

When you 'level up'  use crystals to 'assist' you to 'insight' deeper.

Ground yourself first.

  • Lit an incense.

  • Go around yourself  thrice

  • Use your Incense, draw a good circle before you step inside.

  • Ask for protection

  • Surround yourself  imagine shielding lights.

  • Sit down with your candles.

  • Lit them. Sometimes people use different number  of candles for different purposes;  


1 for inviting, 2 for thanks

3 for partnership, 4 for  scurrying, 5 for invoking....

(Depending on your path & purpose & etc)

  • Take note of the colours/scent of your candles.​

  • Quiet your mind, and allow your spiritual journey to begin..

  • Keep a diary of your mediation experiences. (Did you see any Spiritual guides? Faerie? Totem?

  • Animals? Signs? Flowers?)

  • You will understand your true self, purpose and life goals in times to come. You will become more aware & conscious driven.

  • Breathe, and Give thanks before you leave your circle.                 You can Leave your candles/Incens burning till gone or blow off as you seal your 'sacred' guides.

  • Always Clean your space to remove your traces.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

" I feel safe  without needing to be alone in the dark."




detox your mind cleanse your soul

recharge your heart before you retreat

into the sacred night. 

if the above doesn't appeal to you;

perhaps, all you need is

one glass of whiskey neat or on the rock ?

(legal age for alcohol consumption is 18years of age.)


G o o d Night, Sweet Dreams!*

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