Amethyst Cave

  • Great for Harmony. 

  • Great for mediative purposes. 

  • Great for providing a deep sense of Security.

  • Placing Amethyst cave   within your house, office or room; Generates Great Energy, Positivity, it also provides Spirtual Healing - Gives your space a touch of Tranqulity, and Establish a connection of calling Stability. 

  • Amethyst cave can Aids in resolving Inner Conflict. 

Direct From Brazil

Our Quality Amethyst Cave 
Will Be Cleansed, With Our

Electromagnetic Frequency Machine

From United States. 

This Balances The Amethyst Cave Energy you are bringing home, and the sector you are placing.
Auspicious Timing will Be Given to 'Activate' Your

 Amethyst Cave

At Your Auspicious Sector! 

Amethyst Twins

Amethyst Twins








Amethyst Crystal


Amethyst Crystal Flowers

Amethyst Cave




Amethyst Cave

Tips on choosing Amethyst Cave: 

  • Go to genuine business owner

  • Always purchase first hand.

  • Beware of some people whom sell secondhand amethyst caves, add weight to amethyst cave and add colour to darken them.

Feng Shui Tips: 

  • The Shape of the Amethyst Cave Head Matters to Some. (Sharp or Smooth, how many 'head') 

  • The Dept.

  • The Presentation of the whole cave.                (How sharp are all amethyst crystals, how clustered are they, if there are 'agate crystal plate' around them, any quartz? any roots?)

  • The Placing of the Cave- behind you: as your guardian/backing.

  • On your bedside table, to help you ease your sleep.

  • Front Door Facing 45degree. Add A Crystal Ball inside the cave; Symbolise Wealth keeps coming.

  • Place 'Pisiew' Besides To Activate Your Wealth Sector. 

  • On your table facing out, behind your name card holder; Symbolise, Business keeps coming. 

  • Beside your Cashier box: Symbolise Stability & Power.

  • On your Altar Table Beside your Guardian/Goddess.

You can get baby amethyst or quartz crystal cluster, to charge all your crystal bracelets and pendants.

Also, you can place quartz crystal point, or cluster in your car, to prevent mishaps.

And, moonshine your crystals every full moon. 

Amethyst Cluster

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